The only way to improve road safety is to give much stricter punishments on driving offenses. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people think that the driving crimes should be managed strictly is the only solution to keep the safe on the road and reduce the accidents . Personall, i disagree with this statement because it has more than one to make safely on the road. One of the reamarkable that people should know that the accidents don't just only from offerces of riding, it also depends on the other factors. In particular, weather condition contributed significantly to have negative imfact while the transport facilities also caused many terrible accidents. For example, it is difficult to take part in the traffic of the place, such as Sapa where fog covers everyday and the road is around the mountain, because of the complex movement, specially in the rain day. In addition, there are more and more vehicles in the world and the road isn't still expanded, so a huge number of traffic jam become common and consllitions between transport is more. Therefor, to improve road safely, people should pay more attention to find out the reasons what make the roas isn't safe. The main reason that can make more accidents is from aware and responsibilities of each other people. In specific, if the governments are able to ban the policies or manage stricly with the unlaw actions of driving, but the citizens don't follow these, the figures of consllitions of traffic still rise. Futhermore, from people's aware, accommulating the knowledge on traffic is necessary in the modern world because they need to know about the laws and carry out these to save themselve and develop their country. For instance, people when join in the traffic don't break the law means that the number of polices also recline and governments can focus on developing their country with the best way. In conclusion, for these reasons i have mention above i think that, it is more and more ways to keep the safe on the road with the right actions of the government and individual, in the future, the accident or consllitions will fall suddenly.
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