There is an increasing trend around the world to have a small family rather than a large family. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family rather than a large family?

Nowadays , most of the family turned into small family year after year. some people think that small family is more better than joint family . There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of having a nuclear family than a large family. With regards to the positive effect or advantages , while living in a small family parents can concentrate on their children's education easily without any restrictions . For instance if we live in large family with in-laws may refuse some kind of education that are more expensive . Sometimes that may cause collusion between family members . Another important advantage is that , small family make the parents and children are independent and strong in mind because small family teaches the children more focused about their education and also with career . So that make thae children more mature. A case in point is that, most of thae grandparents keep their grand children for carefully and these over caring make the children more dependent and naughty. On the flip side , there are numerous disadvantages for small family than a large family. firstly , small family make more responsible than large family . The main problem is that , in a joint or large family all members divide their responsibility and the main controler of thae family the main parent of the house . That may reduce the burden of diffent difficult responsibilies. Secondly , increse the burden of parents especially mothers'. The point is that , for meeting the expenses , womens needed to go for a job , take care about their children and also do work in thier home too. This make the womens' more tired . As we compared this situation with a large family all women caan share the duty with others and that improve relationship between others. To recapitulate that, nuclear family and lrge family have its own advantages and disadvantages . The fact is that, most of them like to live in a small family beacause they need more freedom and more space for their enjoyment . For getting these kind of benefits, parents are ready to sacrifice all the problems or difficulties related to the small family.
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