Creative artists should be given the freedom to express their ideas (through words, pictures, music or films). However, some people think the government should impose certain restrictions on them. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Arts is increasingly becoming an indispensable part in our current lives. While some people advocate the idea of free expression of artists, some regulations are allegedly taken into account to control the artistic creators. From my own perspectives, I do believe that they should be given rights to disclose their own messages under state legislations. On the one hand, regardless of democratic regime the artists are living in, potentially detrimental consequences might be derived from reckless art works. Firstly, emotionally vulnerable teenagers are likely to be susceptible to brutal and pornographic contents on the Internet websites they surf. Although the images might be judged to be valuable creative works, they are not controlled to keep distance from children, who probably imitate the sensitive things. Secondly, when it comes to religious aspect, sarcastic pictures about revered religious leaders could result in bloody revenges of followers. For example, an act of head-cut was carried out by Iraq terrorists as a violent reaction to USA's raids in the country. As a result, the art works should be sternly controlled by a cultural governmental institution so as to reduce the potential risks. Furthermore, either art works or artists themselves should be placed into legislative rules. Artists are well-known influencing persons, whose behaviors, attitudes and manners always draw public attention. It is taken for granted that the moral actions of celebrities have positive impact on their fans and vice versa. Take Justine Bieber for example, his insulting words to others as well as his addiction to drug did not only ruin his singer career but also make a negative mimic to his avid fans generally and adolescence particularly. In conclusion, how extraordinarily creative the artists are, their messages to public should be still thoroughly controlled by the parliament's regulations. Government plays a key role in successful debuts of talented creators as well as quality management of launched artistic products.
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