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Some people claim that in real democracy artists should be able to express their ideas freely while others stand for a restriction of this right. I firmly believe that this kind of freedom must not be curtailed when it comes to the creative process.
Artists have become notorious in all over the world. It is believed that creative artists need right to put their thought and ideas through the pictures, rock, film or words. Some argue the government's should make strict rules and some restrictions should be there for any art. This essay partially agrees because more power can lead the obstacles and they don't feel fear of anything and do whatever they like, which might be hazardous for the provincial and society.
Arts is increasingly becoming an indispensable part in our current lives. While some people advocate the idea of free expression of artists, some regulations are allegedly taken into account to control the artistic creators. From my own perspectives, I do believe that they should be given rights to disclose their own messages under state legislations.
People are divided on the opinion of the extent of the censorship in the media. While it is often thought that the artisits should be free to show their creativity through writing, photographs, music or movies, I completely agree with those who believe that there should be certain limitations on media mass.
With the contribution of the artists, art has become such an integral part of our lives that it is impossible to envision a world without it. However, there are arguments for and against the freedom of artistic expression. From my perspectives, I completely agree that art should be created at artists’ will.
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