You saw a brochure for a one-week walking tour in the mountains. You're very interested in taking part, but you're not very fit and are worried you wouldn't be able to keep up. Write to the tour operator. In your letter: • Explain why you're interested in the tour. • Ask for information about dates and prices. • Express your concerns about your fitness level

Dear sir / madam, My name is Liya and writing this letter to express my interest and enquire about your one-week walking tour package in the mountain. I received a brochure for a trip to the mountains .So, would like to collect some information regarding your trip. I am very excited about different types of risky or dangerous games that you will arrange for getting more enjoyment like mountain climbing, paragliding, skydiving etc. Moreover, last year I skipped a tour that was also included different verities of games, so I need to enjoy these holidays very well . I would also appreciate if you could provide some details regarding the tour arrangement like price of the tour , place , mode of travel , food and accommodation , and especially about the dates because I need to submit leave application in my office . I would also like to express my concerns about my health condition, because last month I faced a breathing problem that is because of dust allergy, so I need to know that place selected is suitable for me. I look forward for your replay and my decision will also be accordance with your response. Yours faithfully Liya
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