Full-time university students need to spend a lot of time studying. Some people think it is essential for university students to be involved in other activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people thinh studyin is the most important agenda for full-time university while others convince that it is important for them to involve in other activities. There is no fully right or wrong for each party, necause in some extents, full-time university have different priorities to develop during their time investment as students. Full-time university requires students studying different subjects that support for their career path after university. Students need to invest their time not only in theory but also search updated information pf advanced knowledge and techniques to improve their capability to become a real skilled-worker or managers in practice. So, they need to spend most of their time to focusing on learning, studying , practicing and connecting their network in the univeristy time to improve themselves and explore tehir opportunities in the future. Sometimes, students also need to discover something new that others can apply their discovery and invention to their study and job. An excellent full-time university also need the highest scores at university to receive scholarship, career opportunities or post graduation progrem to a higher level professional academy as Master, MBA, Doctor, pHD level, specificially to their subject. On the other hand, some people express their opinion that full-time university is just a medium step to prepare for their real life after studying. So, in the meantme of learning in university, student should also prepare their social knowledge, life skill to expand their relationship, extend their ability to involve in different categories as econimic, politics, social and technical to contribute to the bigger picture of their life. So it is also beneficial for them to learn not only in university, but also in real life by involving in other activities that support them easily to adapt full life after graduation. Both parties have some extents to agreee, each of fulltime student need to divide their objective with their own situation in short-term and long-term success.
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