Some people think that museums and art galleries should concentrate on the works of their own countries instead of the work of art from other parts of the world. To what extent​ do you agree or disagree?

It is true that some people believe that museums and art galleries should focus on local history and art rather than international works. While I accept that this may suit many people, I believe that we should not ignore the importance of other countries’ art and history. On the one hand, there are several advantages of exhibition rooms pay attention to local artworks. Firstly, a local museum should be a place which honors historical values of the land where it is located. For example, historical objects show residents the periods of glory and decline that their forefathers or predecessors experienced, which increase patriotism and national pride in the locals’ mind. Secondly, contribute to the preservation of traditional culture and customs. Traditional crafts, costumes, and ways of life, which are gradually obsolete in modern society, now can be saved behind the glass. On the other hand, museums and art galleries focus on foreign work of arts is beneficial in some ways. One advantage is that residents have a chance to be exposed to artworks and artifacts from other countries. In particular, people may broaden their new horizon of the world from historical and cultural aspects. Furthermore, international artworks enrich local people’s social life. For instance, watching masterpieces by worldwide artists like Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci will make people more enjoyable, relaxing and even inspired them to create more beautiful artworks. In conclusion, it is certainly true that the local histories and artworks are essential, but this is by no means they should be the sole focus on museums and art galleries. International work of arts are equally important and should be promoted as well.
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