The development of tourism contributed to English becoming the most prominent language in the world. Some people think this will lead to English becoming only language to be spoken globally. Advantages and disadvantages?

It is considered that English is predominating all other languages spoken worldwide because of tourism. It will flourish all over the world and become a single language of communication. It has advantages in terms of economic growth and flow of information between many countries. The consequences of one language will lead to loss of culture. Being English a global language benefits not only a country but also all the countries around the globe because it encourages the trade to grow. For example exchange of goods, machinery, and technical projects.As a result, the economic status of a nation will rise. New technology will be adopted by a country from developing nations,which is necessary for productivity and prosperity. People, who stem from different nations for research and tourism, they will be free from language barrier as it will be easy to speak in English rather than local language. However, public will not take interest in others culture further more, which tends to decline in number of visitors in next years.In other words, it affects economy that will be epidemic. The countries, who rely on tourists for their income, will suffer. In conclusion, even though, considering English as a worldwide language is beneficial for a country's growth. But, culture is prominent aspect of life, which can not be ignored.
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