In some countries, many people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Many men and women are opting to live separate than ever before in a few countries. It is a positive trend because they can become good decision makers and learn crucial life skills. People are more likely to become good decision makers by living independently. This is because in joint families, most of decisions are made by head of families, so a person can not enhance his experience to make important decisions. In contrast, when people live alone, they have to make all big or small decisions themselves because of no interference in their life. By making decisions about their work, they tend to get expertise in this skill which proves a boon in their future. For example, a survey showed that 80% of those, who live alone, choose their career very carefully than those who live with family because the former are well-versed with decision making skills and its consequences. By living alone, they can get experience of many important life skills. That is to say that when people reside alone, they have to do all household chores themselves, such as cleaning, cooking and washing clothes. These works educate them all these skills. As a result, they become self-reliant which may be beneficial in their daily routine. For example, a recent survey revealed that 80% of overseas students admitted that they are well-versed with common household works because they do these works on daily basis. To conclude, living alone is becoming popular among people in a few nations. This is a positive phenomenon because it makes people good decision makers and teaches them essential life skills.
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