Nowadays men’s sports are given far more attention by society compared to women’s sports. What are the reasons for that? Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

It is believed that women's sporting events get less attention as compared to men's sports. I believe that it is a negative development as it might lead to inequality in the society and decline of interest amongst women for sports. Many people consider, the mentality of viewers of sporting events, as the prime reason for this. Since people, generally, prefer to watch games that include physical strengths and adventures. Wrestling, for instance, is quite popular in Western countries as youngsters find it interesting and motivating to see the players testing their endurance. Another major factor is the lack of sponsors for women games. Those organizations, which finances sporting events, deter from taking risks with their money. As a result, female gaming events get less attention in our society. The major disadvantage of giving more attention to male sporting events is the decline of interest of female players in games. This is because women find it hard to encourage themselves when they could not find other people appreciating their efforts. In addition, this trend promotes inequality amongst different sexes . Consequently, women develop inferiority complex in them which, in turn, discourages them from playing sports due to the fear of underperformance. Take winning prize amounts and salaries of male and female sports people for example, men, generally, get around double the salaries for playing same kind of sports. To conclude, men sports get more attention as compared to women because of the mentality of viewers and lack of interest of sponsors. I consider it as a negative development because of women's declining interest in games and development of a sense of inequality in the society.
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