Every country has poor people and every country has different ways of dealing with the poor. What are some of the reasons for world poverty? How can the poor be helped? Give reasons for your answers and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Every country has got poverty, percentage population may vary which is affected by the scarcity of possession of money. Indeed, as per my research, the developing nations are majorly affected by this problem. In this essay, I am going to discuss about the factors leading to world poverty which I found are most interesting. To start with, illiteracy is the one of the major factor which influence the deprivation of humans. Without education, there are many challenges which illiterate humans face; they cannot work in high earning jobs and led them to work in difficult ones with low wages. For example, people who are less educated are likely to get job of sweeper in which daily wages are too less. In addition, another critical factor which advances the deprivation amongst humans is Global economic factors. As per this, the money doesn't get distributed amongst people equitably and led to richer getting rich and poorer getting poor. In turn, which is leading to bifurcation of society into two heterogenous parts with respect to assets. To summarize with, a country gets its existence from its people. The type of economic standards mainitained in the country also comes from its tribes. There could be many elements which cause poverty but the prime ones are illiteracy and Global economic distribution.
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