People sleep less than before in many countries. Why do people sleep less? What effect does it have on an individual and society?

Sleep is very important to humans. However, modern humans tend to sleep fewer than previous. In my opinion, lack of sleep will cause many drawbacks for not only an individual, but also society. Nowadays, humans seem to have less sleep duration than before. In fact, many people said that they reduced their sleeping hours due to the overload of works. To illustrate, architects and engineers always have to do lots of extra working hours for their projects at night to reach the deadline. In addition, stress also has an important role in causing less sleep duration. It affects a lot in sleeping quality. People could not sleep well if they have plenty of things need to worry about at night. However, there is a group of people having less sleep duration because of the attraction of night activity such as go to a bar or club. Sadly, most of them are youth. Lack of sleep causes many drawbacks for an individual. Many documents have proven that sleep duration is connected to humans health. Normally, adults should rest for eight hours per night or they will feel tired and easy to get angry. In the other hand, does not have enough sleep also affect the work’s quality. People will not sober enough to find out their mistakes. Sleeping less not only cause the problems for an individual, but also society. In fact, we can hear plenty of accidents caused by the sleepy driver every day. As I mentioned before, humans tend to get mad easily if they do not have enough sleep, therefore, the number of arguments occur on the street will increase dramatically. It is a negative society development. In conclusion, sleep has an important role in humans development. It helps us to release our tiredness and stress after a long day at workplaces. Therefore, humans should set up a balance between working hours and resting hours. I believe that our works will have the highest quality if we have enough sleep duration.
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