Some people believe that there should be fixed punishments for each type of crime. Some people suggest that the circumstances of a crime and the reason for committing it should be taken into consideration when deciding on the punishment. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Every type of crime should have a fixed punishment, which is a common approach in society, as a result , it will save time and money. While deciding on the punishment one should consider the reason behind that crime; circumstances can also be in consideration. Both the views needed to be discussed in this essay. For more significant crimes mandatory punishment has the advantage that people are aware of the potential consequences of committing a crime; everyone will receive same punishment for same crime. This will save time and money ; suitable for minor offences such as jumping red light , speeding and not wearing a helmet that attracts standard fines. Furthermore a lighter sentence is fair for young person who has committed a crime, in order to give them the opportunity to become a law abiding citizen. Moreover, a part of society think, would it be better option to consider circumstances while deciding on the punishments , because many times people commit crime in order to prevent suffering . It will reduce pressure and burden of the judges as situations are adverse in some cases. For example, someone who murders in order to prevent suffering is morally different to the person who murders a strange at random. In summary, fixed punishment is suitable for minor offence. Furthermore, situations of committing crime should be in consideration while fixing for sentences; according to me history of a person and opportunity of rehabilitation center should also be in mind before giving them punishment.
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