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Every type of crime should have a fixed punishment, which is a common approach in society, as a result , it will save time and money. While deciding on the punishment one should consider the reason behind that crime; circumstances can also be in consideration. Both the views needed to be discussed in this essay.
In order to restrict ever increasing crime rate a class of people ponder that their has to be predefined punishment based on nature of crime whereas other opine that circumstances of crime should be taken into account while deciding the punishment .Both views are discussed below before reaching to valid conclusion .
Many people argue that there must be a certain type of punishment for each type of crime, while others argue that the motive and the circumstance of a crime must be considered before giving a punishment. In my opinion, it is really important to know the reasons behind crime before agreeing on a certain penalty.
Sentencing for those found guilty of crimes presents a difficult challenge because justice must be seen to be done for both victims and perpetrators. Mandatory sentencing ensures that the same sentence is handed out for the same crime; however, judges lose the ability to adjust sentences and cannot take into account factors such as age and the possibility of rehabilitation.
Some argue that a pre-defined punishment should be given based on the crime. However, others argue that things such as reasons behind a crime and what drove the culprit to commit a crime should all be taken into account before punishing an individual. In my opinion, I believe that all of the facts and figures should be considered when deciding a life altering decision.
Nowadays, a lot of developing countries around the world are suffering from poor water quality and highly polluted air because of economic activities such as industry and construction. This essay will examine the possible measures which can solve these issues by the government.
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