The unlimited uses of cars may cause many problems. What are those problems? In order to reduce this problem, should we discourage people to use cars?

It is clear that cars by far is the most popular mean of transportation. However, using cars leads to many problems to society and environment which should be solved by both government and individuals. The foremost problems caused by having more cars is congestion. Instead of travelling by bicycles, public transport or walking, many people use cars to commute to work which is the main cause of traffic jam. For instance, In Hanoi, people spend a lot of time traveling in rush hours because of the traffic which causes low working efficiency and wasting of time resources. Furthermore, Emissions from cars results in environmental problems, especially air pollution. This will effect on people health and lead to some serious diseases such as lung cancer and asthma if they breath in a lot of smoke from cars every day. There are several actions could be taken to decline the car usage. Firstly, government should enact policy to encourage people use other forms of vehicles which are friendly to environment. For example, if more cycling lanes are built, more people would ride a bike to work instead of driving. Secondly, they can increase tax on cars and parking fee as well as develop public transport such as train and bus to decrease the number of people buying private cars. Finally, it is more important to raise people awareness of the problems of having more cars by advertising and having those public to all citizens. In conclusion, massive uses of cars cause many problems but a possible solution can be adapt to prevent bad effects of them on environment and society.
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