some people claim that newspaper is the best way to get the latest information because it has more influence than other forms of media. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

while, many individuals hold that newspaper is the best way to obtain the fresh knowledge since it has more effective way than electronic media.I disagree with this statement.I would discuss about this statement in the following paragraphs. first and the prominent reason, the newspaper take much time for producing and distributing.producing hundred of copies of newspaper in the publisher take at least twelve hours.After that, they take the report to journalist how many newspapers are ready. Moreover, who people distribute the newspaper they take decent salary for distributing the newspaper. In addition to, it is long process,it gives limited news. It has approximately twenty pages.It takes out of update news. For example, if something is happened today then it gives this news tomorrow. Contrary to above the statement, other media is more effective than newspaper is internet. Electronic media can do update the news immediately whilst newspaper can not do it. Some people are extremely interested to obtain much information which they can receive by internet. Furthermore, nowadays, mostly individuals use the internet which take much knowledge them related to everything. such as world wide information, about games and politics related. But it is little bit expensive as compared newspaper. The last but not least thing is that electronic media telecast all the news on television and internet because of this reason, people receive fresh information time to time. In the conclusion, development of the technology is the best way to receive the latest information than newspaper and It is the easiest way.
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