Some countries encourage teenagers to have part-time job and see it as a good thing, while others disagree. Give your opinion and explain both views.

Recently many countries believe that work part-time is beneficial for younger generation for their better future,however,others against to this argument as teenagers should focus on their studies.In my opinion, I strongly advocate this approach that doing part-time work gives numerous benefits to students. On the one hand, one benefit of children doing paid work is that they understand the value of money. This also teaches them not to waste money as they realise the work needed to earn it. Moreover, having a paid job is advantageous because children take their first step in learning how to manage and save money. Many older children,for instance, work for part-time jobs in order to save up for something they would otherwise be unable to afford. Additionally, working enchances the interpersonal skills of a youngster. These skills help children develop into self-supporting adults ready to enter society and the workplace. On the other hand,most of the nations discourages this approach of part-time jobs for younger ones due to their studies.In other words, the time children spend working digress them from focussing on their higher studies.In fact, having a good education is the key to a successfull futureso being employed as a teenager can result in a poor academic performancewhich can be harmful in teh long run. Furthermore, in rudimentary period of college students are not enough matured both academically and intellectually to face the challenges of workplace. To illustrate, as per the recent statistics in "India" most of the prestigious universities abolish part time jobs for their learners. To conclude, while countries may vary in their opinions, I personally believe that working during higher education gives plethora of knowldge to the children,additionally, it broaden their horizon of contacts for future.
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