more and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on endangered list. what are the reasons? What can be done?

Nowadays many wild species are facing the threat of going extinct due to excessive hunting and human damage to their habitats. There are several measures which can be taken both by governments and individuals to tackle this issue. First of all, over-hunting and poaching have caused a significant decline in the number of wild animals in the ecosystem. Many reckless people are killing them, not as an act of self-defence but as a pastime. For example, many wealthy hunters are spending thousands of pounds on travelling to Africa and shoot wild animals in safaris. One solution to tackle this issue is to educate people on not to take part in illegal hunting since it has detrimental effects on wildlife. What is more, governments can implement rules for hunting and also have close observation of the hunters to check if they obey the rules. If these steps are not taken, many endangered species can go extinct, and the loss of biodiversity might be inevitable. Another reason for animals to be in danger of extinction is that many habitats are deforested by governments so as to build more houses for the rising population in their countries. As the number of people in the world inclining, nations are trying to create more space for people to settle down. If governments cannot stop cutting down the trees near large city centres, they should build national parks and breeding farms in outer regions of the country. By doing this, not only will they have a place for citizens to live in, but also they will protect animals from dying off. Take China as a prime example, when the Chinese civil servants had noticed that pandas were on the edge of elimination by the public, they ordered instruction of special farms so they can rapidly increase the number of pandas by some special breeding techniques. In conclusion, hunting in large quantities and destroying the habitats of animals are causing some species to fade away. However, when governments and individuals of society take some steps, they can reverse this trend.
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