Some people think that watching sport is wastage of time during leisure time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There are plenty of options available to select from, for a person who want to spend his spare time. However, while some people believe that watching sports is waste of time, I agree wth those who argue that spending leisure time is matter of personal choice and watching sports should not be excluded from it. To begin with, in this fast moving world time for fun and relaxation is getting reduced everyday. Therefore, some people argue that we should spend available free time wisely by rejuvenate ourselves though doing things which are good for mental and physicall health, rather than just watching sports, which appears to be ineffective in treating them. For instance, if a person goes for a walk or do yoga, then he will improove his health. Thus, it is advisable to pursue value added activities in leisure time. However, I believe that a activity choosen for free time should not be rated on its usefulness, but it must be ranked as per persons’s choice. This is because some sports allow person to get entertain, but in addition to that it also helps to reduce their stress, which is very important. Moreover, by watching sports, a person can feel and livin competitive spirit, which releases adrenaline and make him contended. In fact, watching sport is often a group event, where family and friends get togather. Hence, it can be consider as socializing catalyst. In conclusion, although there are plenty of other healthier activities available to go for in leisure time, I feel that the level of entertainment , stress reduction and mode of socializing provided by sports make it worth watching.
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