The nuclear family is well adapted to moving due to its size. Do you think children benefit in any way from moving? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Immediate families are capable of relocating overseas because of how small they are. I believe their offspring can greatly benefit from this academically and culturally. As well as, I think the benefits of this overshadow the drawbacks. The depature of an entire household from their home town to another country has great positives for their children. Firstly, people usually move out because they have found better work opporutnities abroad. Therefore, their destination country is usually more developed educationally. For this reason, their children may have greater chances to enroll in better universities in order to obtain a good university degree. For example, my family moved to Qatar from Sudan when i was 14, since then, I enrolled in Georgetown University, a world known institution with branches in America and the Uk. This opporutnity has paved the way for a very successful career. Overall, this is just one of the many benefits moving brings. Despite the neglible disadvantage moving brings, such as, being away from home and family and friends, it is more advantageous in many ways. To begin with, youngsters get to experience new cultures, in turn, learn new languages. Which may help them in their future jobs, for instance, this is because billingual employees are preferred in the workforce. Futhermore, moving is not temporary, these children can eventually move back to their home towns, fully equipped with the tools, experience and education they obtained from living abroad. Undoubtedly, relocating abroad is seen as a positive development. In conclusion, the ease of which immediate families can move globally, has positively facilitated the new generation in numerous ways.
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