The best way to teach children to cooperate is through team sports at school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In modern age, cooperation has become more essential. Some parents believe that their kids should join more team sports in school since it is the most effective way to train the students to cooperate with others well. I agree with this opinion to some extent. Attending team sports at school has an crucial effect for educating the students about team work skill. First of all, it’s true that school is the place that kids spend almost of his time. Specifically, the average time for children to stay at school is about 8 hours. Thus, school is the best place for children to learn knowledge and make progresses. Secondly, , it is always required that students should complete the homework independently that they rarely need to cooperate with classmates. If the duties for kids are listen teachers’ presentations and do the homework, they don’t have the opportunity to practise their cooperation. On the contrary, team sports is useful to educate the students how to deal with teammates. For example, If the players want to win, how could they don’t in the basketball games? However, as far as I believe, playing sports is not best and there are several better ways to improve the cooperation for children. On the one hand, there are a few drawbacks in playing sports at school. Team sports are not suitable for every student. For instance, the thinner kids usually is not addict to score compared with the stronger ones. On the another hand, carrying out several projects by a group of students is better to learn how to cooperate. Firstly, the situation in this case is more likely the situation in the work. It can help students know better what they should do in their future work. Secondly, in the research students can get more academic information. To sum up, in order to get the progress related to cooperation, students not only should attend the sports at school, but also need to carry out the team work research.
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