Some students tend to play computer games rather than do sports. Why is this ? What can be done to tackle this problem?

It’s been observed that a group of students prefer playing online games over sports. The primary cause of the phenomenon is that the younger generation are often fascinated by the amount of visual effects in these games and the most viable solution is to educate the young people about the consequences of playing for long hours. The most obvious cause why students opt for playing games in online is that they are visually attracted by the graphics and the effects involved. That is to say that the games are designed in such a way that it enables the player to visualize of being a soldier or gangster which would be impossible for them to feel when playing a real sport. Moreover they have plethora of games available online which grabs their attention more. For instance, a recent online game called PUBG where players are grouped in teams and they are armed with powerful guns and bombs so that they could fight against the other teams in order to conquer a quest. A recent statistics reveals that the children find this game more engaging because it helps them to feel the ambience of being in a war field and makes them addicted to play for long hours. A plausible solution to this predicament is to launch an awareness campaign to educate children about the dangers of playing virtual games. The campaign should highlight on how youngsters are leading a sedentary lifestyle of having minimal or no physical activities, which in turns affects their metabolism and also playing these games over a period time would affect them mentally as these games involves killing and other brutal activities. The government should encourage parents and kids by conducting many sports competition and offers best reward so that they feel encouraged and motivated to play a physical sport. For instance, a similar initiative in Japan, where teenagers are more addicted playing online games had resulted in 56% of students indulge themselves playing sports such as Hockey and Tennis. To conclude, the increase in number of young people to play virtual games is because of the visual impact they undergo when playing, however this issue can be addressed by launching a public campaign and educating children about the negative impacts of playing it.
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