Some people think planes are the better mode of transportation between cities, while others believe trains are better. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Some say that planes are better means of transport when travelling between cities while others argue that trains are the better ones. Though ticket fare in trains are cheaper, I believe that planes are faster enough to reach the destination in short span of time. On the one hand, it is believed that trains are economical and costs are exceptionally low compared to airplanes. As the trains are funded by the government and also it includes only the basic travel fare unlike the taxes such as goods and services tax and other amenities charges included in aircrafts tickets. For instance, the average train fare for a passenger from Chennai and Delhi is around 900 INR, whereas the same costs to around 15,000 INR in airplanes. However, I believe that despite the fact they are cheaper, planes are preferred as they help to reach different cities in no time. On the other hand, considering the time taken to travel between the cities, planes are always preferred as they travel at high speed. This is because the planes travel on an average speed of 1500 km/hr whereas the train travels nearly 400Km/hr, therefore they reach longer distance in less time compared to trains. For instance, if a person travels from Chennai to Delhi, it takes about 3 hours while on a train it takes nearly 3 days. I am of the view that planes reduces people’s travel time enabling them to reach longer distance in less time. To conclude, while trains allow people to travel between cities in low cost, I believe that planes are considerably faster and saves people’s travel time to a great extent.
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