Doctors in many countries concerned that people are not getting enough physical exercise. What causes this? How this can be solved?

These days, people aren't getting enough physical workout, which is a serious issue raised by
care professionals.
is majorly due to advancement in technology and insufficient time, which can be resolved by creating awareness among individuals. In
modern era, technology is booming and plays a predominant role in mankind which made the life of a human more easier as well as lazier.
are able to get things done by just sitting at home which makes them couch potatoes. Due to lack of physical movements, which eventually leads to certain
disorder like
obesity which
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obesity, which
is a serious issue currently prevailing in the world and another major reason is lack of time to think about their
since they are busy in competing.
For example
, a recent survey has revealed that 80% of people are facing overweight issues in a country due to lack of
as well as imbalanced diet.
, there are certain measures which can be implemented to resolve the issue
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is by creating awareness regarding the benefits of
, yoga and other fitness programmes and
the downsides of not following a fitness Regime
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Secondly by
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Secondly, by
taking frequent breaks between their work to stretch
themselves particularly
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themselves, particularly
for individuals who work before
the computer
for a longer period of time.
For instance
, from my own experience, I have seen a lot of people who are consistent in their workouts are experiencing healthy mind and Soul as well as a successful life. To conclude people have to consider
doctor's advice
the doctor's advice
as doing frequent
breaks in between work, which actually has a lot of
benefits and
leads to a fruitful future. Through a systematic approach,
can turn into a habit.
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