tourism bringing environmental problems, what are the causes and suggest some solutions

The tourism industry in one of the biggest employers anywhere on the planet, it provides jobs to the millions of people in many countries.
, the tourism is being viewed as a major contributor to the environmental pollution. There are many causes for
and the possible solutions too. Until the
the movement
of the people was limited due to lack of reliable transportation, only the adventurers and the explorers used to travel large distances. Many countries and the remote places like
the Arctic
and the Greenland were practically unheard to many people in the past.
As a result
, these places stayed undisturbed and pure for a long time. In the
half of the 20th century, transportation was revolutionized, the humans started travelling all around the world faster than ever before through the sea, air and the land. Many unknown places have come within the reach of mankind.
, it created a huge impact on the environment because of the vehicular pollution and the human waste.
For example
, mount Everest is one of the most inhospitable places on the planet and even now, it is breathtakingly beautiful. The mountain was clean until the
stepped there,
stepped in there,
as the number of expeditions increased to the peak, the human waste collection
increased. To save the environment
that is
left to us, the governments must restrict the movement of the people to the ecologically sensitive places and the strict laws must be made to limit the emission standards of the public transport. Increased awareness among the public is
an important aspect that needs to be considered, it plays a critical role in saving the nature.
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