Some people are born to be leaders while others believe leadership can be learnt. Discuss in both view and give opinion

In this day and age, possessing the ability of leadership seems to be more essential than others. The controversial issue is that some people claim leadership is an internal ability while others reckon it can be learned. This essay below will discuss both of these views. On the one hand, headship can be formed through hands-on experience and knowledge accumulation. By interacting with real experience and social influence, a person can comprehensively become a man in charge without inherent capabilities. Moreover, interpersonal skill, teamwork skill, and problem-solving skill are able to be gained by enrolling management training programs which enable a person to discover and nurture prospective leader. This, most leaders might be the senior because it takes time to be accomplished commanders. Otherwise, these chiefs are experts in their area and qualify for their prospective career path On the other hand, I strongly believe headship is inborn qualities. Though knowledge-based leadership has a great significance, it is the natural quality and distinctive capability of an individual that makes them extraordinary leaders. In fact, outstanding people are more likely to be remarkable managers than those who were leaders by their persistent effort. For instance, Bill Gate was innately a genius, he had a talent for coding and became a billionaire when he was only 26 years old. Hence, an inherent leader may find it more accessible to be succeeded in the career ladder. In conclusion, it is true that one can be trained to become a leader. However, the inherent capability is an instrumental factor which distinguishes an ordinary leader with an outstanding one.
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