Living in a country where you have to speak foreign language can cause serious social, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Every country has it's own language, this specification can be problomatic for the immigrants, in respect of socialization or employment opportunities.Although, it could be a bit challenging in the begining, but I think it is not a seriousproblem, any language can be learnt with the time. To begin with, there is no doubt that the language is the first barrier that an immigrant will face in the foreign land. Not being able to communicate in the local langauge will greatly limit one's ability to mingle with local residents, seeking medical help or even asking for directions, ultimately decreasing his chances of employement. But, the flexibility of human nature has equiped us to adopt to any situation quickly and easily.That means , when we are exposed to a language repeatedly, live among the common speakers of that tongue, our brain memorizes it faster and we learn it hastly. For instance, I failed to learn Chinese in a year at home but I was able to do so while I was in China in just couple of months. Secondly, wider acceptance of English as an international language has made it easier to travel, do business or work across the the globe very easy. As, the 70% of the world population has working level ability of speaking english, this is more than enough to pass the starting few months easily. Even in the countries like, Russia, Japan or China, where the people who speak English are very few but still you can find some to seek any help needed. Hence, I beleive it opens horizons for us when we look out in the globe rather than being stick to one place and single langauge. To conclude, even though the start of landing in the new country can be a bit uneasy, the knowledge of the multi languages greatly benefits the speaker in term of job or business. So we should not limit our world merely because of different languages spoken out htere.
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