If a product is sold and people buy it, then advertising is not necessary and can be considered a kind of entertainment. Do you agree or disagree with this?

In recent times, it has been seen that companies use different mediums such as Media, Newspapers, Hoardings and many more for advertisement of their products. Some products are well known among people and they do not give a second thought before buying it. A few people believe that, for such products, promotion through advertisement is not compulsory and it is just for enjoyment of viewers. However, I completely deny this and do not concur with the notion that advertising is merely for entertainment purpose. The most important consideration is companies spend a huge amount of their revenue on advertisements just to make people aware of their product. This is because, when people get to know the new product in market, only then, they will be able to compare it with other products and buy it. For instance, a recent research by advertising authorities showed that advertisement results in higher turnovers. However, some individuals assume that advertisements are not required if it is a known brand and these are just for fun. But in my view, advertisements are made in such a way that people can remind themselves of same product, when they actually visit market, which they have seen on television. In addition to, generally most of the people do not know which brand they like. They do not have their own opinion and their opinion is driven by the latest trending advertisement. For example, a recent study revealed that products with advertisement are on higher demand as compared to the ones which are not at all promoted. To conclude, advertisement is a good way to introduced new launches and also contribute towards entertainment of people. But we can not consider that these are only for viewer's entertainment because no company will find the budget just for other's fun unless they benefit from it.
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