Some people think that children benefit from the TV and they should spend much time on it, but others support that children should not watch TV. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Regarding whether or not children should watch television, people have polarized opinions. In my view, moderate usage is beneficial for them, but extreme usage may be harmful. There are several reasons why it could argue that these programs have positive impacts on kids. The main benefit is that it can help them to expand their horizons. For example, by watching discovery channels, young people are able to get a better understanding of our planet, including nature and wildlife. Another positive effect is that some educational programs aim to develop their language skills. By watching these channels, they could expand vocabulary as well as improve their listening skills. Finally, news sections are also an effective way for students to gain real-time information around the world. In spite of the above positive effects, I support the idea that children should not spend too much time on this set. If screen time become the main part of their life, then children, especially students, have less time for their academic study. This means that excessive usage of TV might lead to dissatisfied grades in school or even perhaps drop out of school. In addition, compared with outdoor sports, this entertainment might cause damage to their healths. It is no doubt that we should lead an active lifestyle instead of a sedentary lifestyle, which is a damaged result of televisions. In conclusion, although children can benefit from some programs on televisions, I believe their screen time should be controlled by parents or teachers.
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