In some countries, as cities grow, more money is spent on the urban transport system and little is spent on the rural ones. What are the problems creating it? What are the solutions to these problems?

In reality, a high demand in transportation can be largely seen in the urbanized area incurring a huge sum of money on it.
, it is not the same case in the rural region. There are
few possible issues
a few possible issues
inducing these factors and through that
can be made.
of all, as the population in the city grew drastically over the years,
ordinary mode
the ordinary mode
of transport
as car is not sufficient enough for them.
is because, high volume of cars
the road leads to traffic congestion causing inconvenience to the public.
, other types of transportation
as commuters, public buses and train are accessible for them to go to and from work more quickly and congestion free.
On the other hand
, the number of people living in the countryside is considerably smaller than the town,
the government assumes they do not have a problem of travelling around, but the residents there said
For example
, their cars broke down more often due to
poor condition
the poor condition
of the roads and they are having trouble in finding other ways to travel. Fortunately, there are feasible solutions with the collaboration of the government and the citizen.
, the higher
authority especially
Accept comma addition
authority, especially
Transport Ministry, need to fulfil the demands of the people resides in the rural area
as they too pay
as they pay
as they to pay
as them too pay
as them them too pay
the road tax.
For example
, constructing higher quality roads and increase the number of public buses will help them to travel to place efficiently. Beside that, more job opportunities should be available in the countryside so that more people can live in here rather than in the city. In conclusion, I believe that the root cause of
situation is due to the overpopulation in the
a traditional headdress consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head
of the rural. Luckily, with more job demands and better transportation, will definitely make living in the countryside easier.
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