Some people say that teenagers should work part-time and earn money. This way they will learn basic lessons about work and become more disciplined. Other argue that teenagers shouldn’t sacrifice their rest and after-school activities to work. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is important to consider how teens spend their time, for they are responsible for the development of the nation. While some people contend that teenagers should utilize their time in part-time jobs, others deem that it is trivial. I completely agree with the former argument, and in this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument. On the one hand, those who believe students should not involve in part-time works argue that jobs may interrupt their study. This is because students, who squander their time in works, are usually devoid of time for their studies; also, they tend to be more money minded. For example, part-time jobs often intrigue teenager to earn money at the cost of knowledge, which they could have garnered in their free time. However, if students do not engage in part time works, they may have sufficient time to scour through books and ideas. This happens because they could give 100 percent in their studies. However, I argue that teenagers must work, for they might be financially independent. The reason for this is they could earn money in exchange of their time and skills; for example, jobs often pay them on an hourly or monthly basic in salary and wage. In addition, they would learn the rope while working as an employee in the organization; they may also start their own venture utilizing ideas. To illustrate, a person working as an intern or assistant counselor may start their own consulting business. In conclusion, although there are disadvantages of part time work such as the interruption of work on study, these must be weighed against the financially independence and erection of a business venture it brings. Personally, I think its merits outweigh the drawback, and I would prefer to work part time.
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