Some people believe that it is beneficial to play sport in a team rather than playing an individual team. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, new sports and games are taking the world over. While some people believe that these games should be played in a team, others trivialize this practices. I tend to agree with the later argument, and in this essay, I will discuss both views with examples. On the one hand, those who believe team-work is significant contends that a teamwork usually brings synergetic benefits. This is because different members share assorted skills, and they often contribute to the final outcome. For example, a team in an organization often consists of people from different departments; therefore, they have varied abilities, and they may contribute to the overall effeciency of an organization. Also, according to them, working in a team is effortless. Due to the fact that all members share risk and contribute accordingly, they deem any form of challenges become easy. However, in my opinion, working in a group promotes group-think. In fact, despite the fact that a person is creative, he should act in accordance to the team direction, so talents are usually supressed in a group. Another reason could be that team work often involves pluralistic ignorance, for individuals tend to avoid cruicial tasks and think it as others responsibility. For example, a person in a team, who finds a task tardy, is likely to shun it, and he may act as a free rider. The reason for this is people often circumvent jobsthey find boring; also, while working in a team, they have someone to blame or rely on. In conclusion, although team-work promotes consolidated benefits and increased effeciency, we must take into consideration the group-think and ignorance, which may engender from this conduct. Thus, I tend to support the individual work over group work.
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