People sleep less than before in many countries.Why do people sleep less? What effect does it have on an individually and on society?

Sleeping is a natural condition and benefits the body and the mind,however dramatically decreased amount of sleepwill harm a person.Nowdays humans do not sleep enough because pf the rapid life rhythm and the countless responsibilities . Lack of sleep can have negative impacts in someone life and also in the whole society due to tiredness. The average time of sleep for an adult is eight hours per day, in order to be fully energiesed . In addition individuals nowdays do not understand the importance of sleep and they skip it , so they will win some extra time.Therefore, long working hours, family responsibilities and anxiety are some of the factors that prevent people from resting . For example, a research showed that 60 % of people sleep at least 3 or 4 hours per day because they need to do a lot of things,so they postpone their sleeping.Furthermore,not enough sleep can lead to alarming health problems , phusical and mental . Sleeping habits can determine problems,for both individuals and society.Firstly, individuals that are not resting well will be less productive,mentally tired and they will not take right decisions.Obviously that will affect their work environment,their family relationships and also their own feelings and health.Secondly society will be harmed, because when the employers are tired the transactions are slower and the quality of work unsuitable and this will lead to critical problems.For instance, a study showed that a company has lost fame and money because, the employers where not longer productive due to lonf hours at work. Consequently,sleep is valuable and it should not be avoided or diminished in order to work more. In conclusion , limited hours of sleep can harm a person and a community.Responsibilities, should not take a person sleeping hours,because that will have as a result health problems and also it will create crucial issues in a society.
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