Government should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Both rail and road transportation are no doubt one of the age-long means of transportation. As more under-developed and developing nations seek to improve the transportation sector of their economies, deliberate efforts are being put on diverting more funds and investment into this sector. For obvious reasons such as passengers’ safety and ease of movement of goods from one place to another, I believe that governments’ spending should channelled towards rail projects than road projects. This will be expatiated in the sequel of this essay. Firstly, rail transport has been proven to be the safest means of transportation, thus should attract attention of the government. Available statistics on tendencies for occurrence of rail accidents compared to that of road further lay credence to this fact. Also, the number of casualties recorded from train derailment is nothing significant compared to the casualties recorded in the event of road accidents. In Nigeria for example, in year 2018, the ratio of rail mishaps compared to auto accidents is 1:1000 with a total casualties of 20 and 20000 for both rail and road accidents respectively. Furthermore, trains are able to carry more passengers and goods because of the large space from many coaches attached to them. This makes mass conveyance of people and goods seamless and possible at a go, thereby saving time for other productive activities and also reduce congestion. For example, 10,000 tons of a particular commodity can be moved by a train at once, a task that will take 10,000 trucks to perform via the highways. In conclusion, inasmuch as safety and comfort of the citizenry are of paramount importance to every government, more focus should be placed on investing on rail transportation rather than road transportation.
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