me believe that it is the reponsibility of the people to care of the environment. Others say it is the government that should take care of environment. discuss both views and state your opinion.

The destruction of the environment is one of the major challenges that the humanity is facing. There is a common belief in the public that it is a government’s responsibility to look after the environment, where as some other individuals argue that the people are responsible in the saving the nature. Government is an important organization that has a total control on the national resources and there are the first responders to any environmental challenges that a country can face. If a nation is losing the green cover and if the people are experiencing increase in the pollution levels, then it is a result of wrong policies that were adapted by the authorities. Governments should control the deforestation, illegal mining and the excessive use of fossil fuels while encouraging the use of alternate power sources. For example, countries like India and China have the highest ratio of green cover when compared to some of the developed countries and that is because strict polices that were implemented to save the nature. Even though the authorities have a primary and a critical role to play, the general public are the deciding factor for any program to be successful. People must take care of the local surroundings by not polluting them with the garbage and at the same time, they should plant more trees to increase the green cover. If people do not take part actively in the revival process, no matter what the government does, the result would be still a failure. To conclude, in my opinion, the government and the public are equally responsible in saving the nature. Only the combined effort will yield the desirable results.
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