The tendency of human beings to copy one another is shown in the popularity of fashion clothes and consumers goods. To what extent do you agree.

It is true that adopting fashionable clothes and consumers goods are growing trend among people. They tend to imitate each other, which depict the growing popularity of fashionable clothes and consumer items. I completely agree with this statement. The primary reason for imitating other human being is because of inspiration. In other words, people get inspire from the appealing outfits of a certain person and they want to copy it. They assume that, if they wear those modern outfits they would be able to groom their personality and look attractive. For instance, many Hollywood celebrities have become style icons for many, they endorse a different and unique brand of stylish clothes which create craze among masses to adopt it.Thus making these trendy clothes famous and desirable. Another reason which compels people to imitate other in buying consumer products is attributable to social pressure. That is to say, possessing of some consumer goods are considered as a symbol of social status, and people when observe their friend having those products, strive hard to have those. To illustrate, an Apple manufacturer launch iPhone every year,the new set has minor different of specification from the previously launch set, still, people crazily buy the new gadgets to justify their social hierarchy. Therefore, these practice of copying others making retail products ever popular. In conclusion, I adhere, that the trend of imitating each other leads to the growth in the consumerism of fashionable garments as well as consumer goods. Inspiration toward stylish clothes and peer pressure are the main driving factors to adopt these practices. It is predicted that industry of fashionable fabrics and consumer items will flourish further pertaining to the nature of human to imitate other person.
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