In recent years, the family structure has changed ,as well as family roles. What are the changes occurring? Do you think these changes are positive or negative.

Nowadays, the composition of the family is different from what it used to be. Also, this change includes family responsibility. This essay will discuss the changes that are happening, while making a case that these changes are advantageous. Firstly, everything is prone to one for of change or the other, and the family is not an exception. It can be observed in recent years that financial obligations in a home is jointly shared by the couple. This was not the case many years back, as this responsibility was solely on the man. For example, in a survey by the central bank of Nigeria, (C.B.N.), it was observed that the number of joint accounts opened by couples has risen by 70% in the last 20years. And such accounts are used to finance the home. Furthermore, most women are now career mothers, making house wife almost non existent. Case in point, the ministry of woman affairs in Nigeria conducted a survey and revealed that 80% of married women have their own career, as against 25% 10years ago. In my opinion, I believe these changes are positive because, financially, more money is brought into the home and this will relieve the husband of some monetary problems. For instance, the bills in the home can divided. While the father foots the children's education, the mother can pay the house rent. Although, being a mother and having a full time job can be a herculean task for the woman. I believe the financial reward outweighs this set back. In conclusion, family arrangement and responsibilities have changed over the years owing to the fact that most women have full time employment and contributes financially to the home. It is also evident that these changes are advantageous.
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