Being a celebrity - such as a famous film star or sports personality - brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think being a celebrity brings more benefit or more problems?

When someone is a public figure, either a well-known cinema artist or a great player of the time, it can be beneficial and troublesome at times. In my opinion, it is tougher to lead a regular life in terms of privacy and freedom of everyday lifestyle for a star. celebrities are most open about their daily life as they can not keep it low key. Media is always up to publishing every detail about them which can be humiliating sometimes. For example, an actor or actress recently had a broke up with their love of life and the reports will be broadcasting immediately. Not only their personal life but also they spread click bait fake news over social media. Same goes for a sports person. Thus life becomes hard for these public faces. Freedom of life is another concern for these special personalities. They cannot lead a regular life like a general person. For instance, they cannot go to public places like shopping malls or go on a vacation with their family as people will be around them for taking photos and autographs which can be disturbing at a point. Sometimes they disguise themselves to move around. This is how it becomes problematic. Furthermore, at some point, they may not be able to attend family and seasonal occasions, so they miss out many festivals from their life. In conclusion, it may seem like that life of a celebrity is glamorous and happening but it is not exactly so comfortable and easy. They pay a great price for their stardom. So the life they live can be tough and intimidating.
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