Many children are encouraged to do part time work by their parents? Agree or disagree

It is believed that most of the children are persuaded by their parents to do any part time work. The primary advantage of working as a part time for children is to get financial help for their studies which minimize the overburden of parents for paying their tuition fees and The main disadvantage is that they may get distracted from their studies which can have a devastating consequences on their future. To begin, taking a part time job will make them to become better adept to financial management in the future. Since they are the only one to manage their money, they can easily prioritize the things to buy. As education is very expensive at present times, students can contribute to their tuition fees by doing any part time job.This, in turn, will lessen the burden on their parents. Last but not the least, these part time jobs may provide vocational training and real time experience for children, which helps students to secure a good job after their studies.To exemplify, a recent survey conducted by the placement cell presents that placement rate is higher in those students who already have part time job experience along with their studies. On the flip side, part time work can divert the mind of students from education and they lean more towards money. Additionally, the hectic schedule of work and job make them stressful and they get haywire while trying to balance between job and work.Consequently, their exam grades get effected. Furthermore, they are not mature enough to choose the right company, there is a high probability that they may fall in bad company at their workplace. In conclusion, Although working part time can help students to overcome the financial burden from their studies, it makes difficult for them to maintain a proper balance between work and education
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