People sleep less than before in many countries? Why do people sleep less? What effect does it have on an individual and on society?

    Sleep is a very vital part of human existence without which we cannot function optimally. Experts say that human adults need at least seven hours of sleep per night to live well. Nowadays, people sleep less because they need to cater for themselves and their families as well as to pursue their dreams of a better life. As an individual, the effect of reduced sleep on our bodies is not only an increase in the likelihood of developing diseases that can cause significant morbidity and mortality but
the propensity to make mistakes. On the society at large, it reduces efficiency and productivity.   Since the dawn of industrialization, mankind has worked more and slept less. Quite a number of reasons account for
, but top on the list are the facts that we need to make ends meet and our innate strife for perfection. To cater for themselves and their families, most people work long hours or multiple jobs,
, the time for sleep is depleted.
In addition
, to improve and become better versions of
ourselves especially in
ourselves, especially in
resource-poor countries, sacrifices have to be made.
For example
, parents might need to work a day and night job to provide for their children's basic needs. He or she might find it difficult to log in the required seven hours of sleep at night. Even as the world is becoming more technologically advanced, people are losing sleep to put food on the table.   Lack of sleep has deleterious effects both individually and collectively. Experts have shown that diminished sleep can significantly affect cognition which can lead to mishaps, some of which can be fatal.
For example
, a driver who sleeps less can cause vehicular accidents can put many lives in danger.
, research has
shown that sleeping less can have adverse effects on mood and make people more prone to bouts to anger and other emotional outbursts.
is so because sleep is needed to recharge our bodies and clear our minds.    The act of sleeping less is becoming a public health problem as individuals are what make up a community, it reduces work productivity and
Accept space
The society is not able to function optimally as people tend to be disorganised, less creative and open to dialogue when they are not sleeping well. 
result in an increase in crime rate in that setting as people tend to lose their inhibitions when they lack proper levels of rest.   In conclusion, many countries consist of a lot of people who are sleeping less. Whether it is to provide their daily bread or becoming better versions of themselves, humans are catching a little sleep recently. For an individual, it can cause accidents and sometimes irreparable damages whereas for societies the effects are quite worse as it can cripple economies
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