Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to co-operate rather than compete become useful adults.  Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples

   The topic of whether children should be raised with a competitive spirit or imbibed with the tenets of co-operation remains a very controversial issue.
essay will discuss why grooming children with a competitive sense and teaching them team
are important.
, in my opinion, I believe that children should be taught about cooperation as opposed to competition whether healthy or not.       On one hand, competition drives ambition and success amongst human beings. It remains an innate part of our survival instincts as a species. Children need to be raised with a competitive spirit because it will drive them to do great things and to push themselves beyond their imagination.
For instance
, I was raised by highly competitive parents who tried to
very tired
each other even at basic activities.
training prepared me for the hurdles of medical school and I graduated top of my class.   
On the other hand
, nothing great can be achieved without collaboration. The importance of
cooperative work done by a team (especially when it is effective)
cannot be over emphasized. One of the biggest problems with human resource is the inability to
in teams which can significantly reduce productivity and ultimately cause brain drain.
, children should be taught from a young age how to relate and tolerate other people.
, it allows for more influx of ideas and makes problem solving even more seamless.
For example
, at a point in my life in medical school, I was struggling socially because I had no friends. My highly competitive spirit made me
liable to be erroneous or misleading
, I could not
well with other people. It took some missed opportunities for me to retrace my steps and become better. Generally, it is a
quality to have as it makes one a productive adult.      In conclusion, there is no doubt that a good amount of competitive
manner of acting or controlling yourself
is required to thrive. In my opinion, I think that children tend to be more useful in adulthood if they are taught more about team effort and co-operation compared to
the competition
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