Social media has a negative impact on society To what extent do you agree.

The drawback of social media is a debatable topic. While some believe social media is merely for entertainment, others do not.
essay completely agrees with the statement that social media has devastating disadvantages.
essay will discuss the psychological impacts on individuals and
as a whole. The effect social media has on an
psyche cannot be ignored. Social Media has an extremely high demand for perfection. To add, individuals feel the need to always be in tip-top shape on applications
as Instagram.
, in reality, no one is perfect, we all have unique flaws that make us who we are.
constant need to look appealing to others is very detrimental to one's psychological health.
For example
, studies have shown "overuse of social media is directly linked with depressive disorders of the mind". In today's
, social media has taken over peoples " real" social experiences, we are faced with a zombie population, living inside of their phones.
, casual conversations
as the ones at restaurants are now very outdated as people are too busy scrolling through their phones. We as a
have forgotten how to communicate physically. We are
to a degree exceeding normal or proper limits
preoccupied on our devices to see and interact with what is in front of us. I believe
is very dangerous
manner of acting or controlling yourself
, as human
beings our
Accept comma addition
beings, our
progression as a species sits on our ability to recognize and interact with our environment.
For example
, in my personal experience, I have noticed that a lot of my peers have developed a serious time-consuming obsession with social media. Which
as a result
has caused them social anxiety the
they put their phones down to engage in a real
. To conclude, I believe social media has destroyed a huge portion of our personalities.
In addition
, not only has it numbed our uniqueness as
individuals but
Accept comma addition
individuals, but
it has
affected with paralysis
altogether. The psycho-social impact of social networking is an issue that needs serious contemplation and urgent resolution.
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