Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is believed by some people that teaching good manners to young ones is the responsibility of the parents, while others argue that it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach learners how to behave with the other members of the community. I believe that parents and professors should jointly share
essay will discuss both viewpoints. On the one hand, people argue that basic education starts at home. Naturally, one can assume that parents should teach youngster how to behave well with siblings, relatives,
a person who lives (or is located) near another
and the whole society.
For instance
, at my house, my mother used to discipline my younger brother whenever he used abusive language, or pick up fights with our cousins. So, by repetitive instructions and minor punishments, parents can foster good manners in their children’s personality from a younger age. It is clear so see why
argument has gained support. On the other hands, some advocate that as young learners spend prime time at schools, teachers should build moral values in the
generations of the society. As young students spend a large portion of their time at school, the teacher might not only stress upon gaining A+ grade, but
read out traditional stories, which contain moral lessons.
In addition
, in order to fully utilize
time, schools ought to encourage sport activities among different classes. These extracurricular activities teach them many life lessons,
as how to accept defeat gracefully, and the importance team-work in achieving
a goal
as winning.
, school plays an important role in building special qualities,
as patience and persistence, in a child’s life. In conclusion, both school and home are important sources of
the act of creating something by casting it in a mold
young one’s personality and to find his or her place in the society, and behave morally and ethically with others. In my opinion, in order to bring
the child’s
a child’s
best, both sources ought to
make complete or perfect; supply what is wanting or form the complement to
the role of each other.
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