Many people believe that today there is a general increase in anti-social behaviour and lack of respect for others. What might have caused this situarion? How to improve it?

Most of the people's argue that unsocial
manner of acting or controlling yourself
is increasing day by day and people are becoming disrespectful towards others. The primary cause of
phenomenon is the structure of the family and advancement in technology. The most viable solution is to educate their young about
issue. Many people are living in loneliness and now families are not nuclear.
is due too immense work pressure and parents not having enough time to check their children's activities or talk to them. So, youngsters and teenagers spend most of their time on social media.
, they don't have any real communication as they are only engaged in messaging.
, In their loneliness, they start consuming drugs and alcohol, which contribute to
shunning contact with others
manner of acting or controlling yourself
. Even, if someone tries to advise
Accept comma addition
them, then
they show very less respect towards them.
For example
, A local survey carried out by a welfare society reveals that 96% working parents feel that their kids are having anti social
habits. A long term solution to
predicament is to educate youngsters about the dangers of overusing the internet, less interacting with others and consuming more drugs.
, children in schools could be taught how to behave politely with others as well as parents should spare some time with their children and talk to them
Accept space
, they can share their experiences and tell them about right and wrong
Accept space
For instance
, a school children in Germany taught about the consequences of bad
and overuse of the internet which results in kids sitting in groups and there is a notable increase in
politeness. To conclude, people start behaving in
a way due to lack of basic upbringing. So
Accept space
the children must be taught that good
and respect for others is the only key to live a better life.
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