Some people think that watching sports during leisure time is a wastage of time. Do you agree or disagree?

Seeing the telecasted sport matches, when we are free, is considered useless by a few of us. I strongly agree with
fact since
Accept comma addition
fact, since
most of them involve a lot of gambling and it is widely used for promoting certain brands. The spare
in which people watch sports, to know whether their favourite team or player would win, goes into
the trash
, since certain dishonest means decide how the game should progress. In order to prove
point, let me take the remind the bidding websites owned by renowned agencies and sportsmen. People are supposed to vote or guess the
team which
Accept comma addition
team, which
would win in
survey is monitored carefully and based on the probability of better profits, these agencies only decide on how and who should succeed.
, common people end up losing their money and
in these shows. The IPL instance in which CSK team was banned for 2 years from taking part in cricket matches is the best example to support my statement. Our society
is only losing
only loses
and money while watching sports since it is the sponsors who gain profits through these matches.
is obvious since we see our favourite players promoting certain brands or products in television ads and,
, they use the dress and accessories prescribed by their sponsors while playing.
, if we calculate the duration of the game and ads, the latter will outweigh the former. While we think we spend our
to watch sport matches, we end up registering the products of investors in our brains.
in turn only increases their sales but do not bring us any gain. A recent survey which states that 70 % of the showtimes are utilized by ads confirms my
. I would like to conclude by agreeing with the
that people spoil their free hours by watching games on television, websites, etc., as the course of these matches are decided before hand for the sole profit of gambling agencies and products of contributors.
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