It is more important for a building to serve its purposes than to look beautiful. Architects do not need to worry about whether it is a real work of art. Do you agree or disagree?

It seems that skyscrapers are growing in favour of many cities around the world.
, architects find it controversial whether they should prioritize their form or function.
essay will explain why I completely agree that buildings should be constructed with reasonable purposes. Supporters of well-designed eyesores hold that they can put the name of its city or country in the
map. An explanation is that they are capable of marking that city’s development in economy and architecture.
As a result
, there have been many cities came to the public eye thanks to their famous high-rise building.
of which,
for instance
, is the Big Ben of London.
In addition
, it is said these eye-catching icons
attribute to the local economic benefit since they draw
attraction. Antarctica, they demonstrate, which was once distant to many people’s knowledge, now hums with tourists worldwide.
is due to their glamorous dormitory igloos, despite the fact that no
can live there as everything will melt when summer comes.
On the other hand
, why should
be built is the concern of many architects. They opine that it will be a waste of money if
infrastructure is set up with no purpose.
is because
cannot be formed without consuming tonnes of reinforced concrete, brick, and timber. Another suggested reason is the fact an unnecessary structure would do tremendous harm to the nature and local people. To be more specific, there will be a need to cut down thousands of trees and move hundreds of households to make place for constructing area. It is advisable we stop slaughtering these buildings whilst there are many other worthy sectors to spend on,
as education and health issues. To recap, there are reasons why people prefer artistic featured buildings. Each of them is considered an icon of their city and civic development.
, if I were to choose, I absolutely advocate those are built with decent purposes to ensure no pennies are wasted meaninglessly.
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