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It seems that skyscrapers are growing in favour of many cities around the world. Accordingly, architects find it controversial whether they should prioritize their form or function. This essay will explain why I completely agree that buildings should be constructed with reasonable purposes.
These days, it is believed that rather than the exterior design of the building, its core function is of paramount importance; so architects should not be concerned about its appearance/ aesthetical values . I advocate that in many cases, it is essential to erect buildings which can meet both aesthetical and functional requirements.
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Buildings, not very different from other commodities, perform various functions and serve varying needs of their users. At the centre of the controversy is whether the purposes of a building should be placed above its aesthetical values. As far as I am concerned, these two qualities are not conflicting, but mutually beneficial.
It is not uncommon to see nowadays that young people are not only richer , but also more and more other factors are also affecting people such as safer ,healthier and less happy .
Undoubtedly, in the present scenario, where the construction field has made drastic improvement, the citizen do not just want their home to satisfy the building standards made the governmental body, in fact, they want them to look something that is pleasing to their eye's. So the architect has to worry about the look's of the house, coupled with, maintaining the standard quality of material used for the development.
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