some people think that the government should take care of disadvantaged people such as the unemployed and the homeless. Do you agree or disagree?

Joblessness and the poverty have become a major issue in the developing countries. Many people argue that it is the government responsibility to care of the impoverished citizens. I completely agree with the statement, authorities should lend them a helping hand to make their lives better.
of fall, irrespective
the social status of the general public, they are citizens of a particular country.
, they are entitled to receive every benefit from the state. It is the government’s duty to look after their people, if someone is unemployed, poor and homeless, authorities should provide them a shelter and give monetary benefits to lead a comfortable life.
For example
, many countries in western hemisphere provide minimum income support to their backward class to keep them out of dire poverty. I believe, every country should adapt
strategy for the benefit of their own population, else there will be a huge income inequality.
policy reduces the poverty and increases the consumer spending. While providing the economic support, the jobless and the poor people must be trained with the skills that will be required to get a job.
strategy can show a positive ripple effect on the country’s GDP and standard of living. Some sections in the society criticize that free money makes people lazy. I believe, that opinion lies with the minority.
For example
, Scandinavian governments provide all the basic facilities to the
under privileged
lacking the rights and advantages of other members of society
sections by taxing the rich.
As a result
, their population enjoys the highest standard of living when compared to the rest of the world and their economies are considered to be most stable and developed. To conclude, I strongly that no citizen of a country should be in the dark without help. All the impoverished must have the same rights as the rest of the population.
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