In recent years,the family structure has changed, as well as family roles. What are the changes occuring? Do you think these changes are positive or negative?

  The family system remains a vital part of the human social structure. In
present generation, the makeup of families, as well as the roles
are changing
is changing
. The major reasons why these
changes are occuring are
changes are occurring
changes are occurring are
  because people now take up roles depending on who is better equipped rather than basing the decision on whether one is male or female and
because people are no longer staying heterosexual, as other
fluid terms have come into play. In my opinion, it is a positive development, as it makes everyone responsible and capable of taking care of themselves.     
, the causes of the change in family roles stem from the issue of
equality. More women see themselves performing functions that are outside of the conventional motherly duties.
in addition
, people decide who gets to do what based on who has the appropriate resources to carry out
For example
, from personal experience, my mother earned a lot more than my father,
he stayed at home to take care of us. They felt
was the best decision and had no regrets, as we turned out very responsible.   
, as more people deviate from the heterosexual relationship, where a man marries a woman to other forms of family structures like having two mothers or the two fathers, the entire system changes. In
generation, the conventional
based roles have been altered.
For example
, a study carried out in
Washington DC
Accept comma addition
Washington, DC
, in the US,
refers to the speaker or writer
. 2018, revealed that most of the families in the area are more flexible, in the sense that at least 40% of families are made up of same sex parents.   
, the overall effect of
is in the positive. The switch in the family roles and systems resonates the belief that humans are more than one thing
Accept space
when it comes to performing tasks. It enables people to be responsible for themselves, no matter their
In addition
, it
debunks the traditional notion that women are meant to be in the kitchen and should cater to their men and children. It reinforces the ideology that a woman can follow her dreams and be the greatest version of herself.    In conclusion, recently there have been a lot of changes to the family structure and roles. These changes are
come to pass
because of the increasing clamour for
in order to; used instead of "to", especially after try, come, go
the acceptance of other forms of relationships, other than the heterosexual ones. In my opinion, these changes are positive as
people in general
make humans more accountable for themselves and their decisions.
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