With deforestation, urban development and illegal hunting, many animal species are becoming endangered as they lose their habitat and some are even threatened to the point of extinction. Do you think it is important to protect animals? What measures can be taken to deal with this problem?

The different kind of animals have become in threat and few are even reached to the point of completely vanishing, owing to the forest’s destruction, urbanization and non-regulated hunting. I think their safety is crucial and there are certain option to mitigate
issue. Animal’s protection is quite necessary for the human beings in terms of food.
is because people utilized animal’s meat in their daily living. In almost all the countries in the world, animals
as cows and goats are used to acquire meat from them. Nomadic people in Russia, who live in the North-Pole,
for instance
, solely depend on goats and buffalos for eating purposes.
, it is of paramount importance to safe the animal species, so that people could acquire meat for eating. There are certain solutions of stopping animals to become extinct.
, deforestation in different countries ought to be discouraged. Forests in the countryside are usually the living places or homes of many kinds of animals;
, the destruction of those forests in the form of cutting trees means destroying their surrounding’s or living areas.
, the growing speed of urbanization should be restricted, as it is having serious consequences on wild livings.
For example
, the infrastructure development in the rural areas is enormously resulting in the vanishing of the forests;
a detrimental outcome on the lives of animals.
, preventing the downfall of forests and not encouraging or supporting urban growth is crucial in stopping the animal’s extinction. In conclusion, forest’s destruction, urban development and illegal hunting are the reasons of the animal’s disappearance. I believe, their existence is propitious, as humans get their flesh for food, and restricting the cutting of trees and the urbanization are options to cope with
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